Transport of goods, both on long distances and within cities, contributes to a substantial part of the total emissions generated from the transport sector, as well as congestion. Up to 20% of traffic, 30% of street occupation and 50% of greenhouse-gas emissions are generated by freight.

To reach the overall goal of a more energy-efficient and sustainable urban freight transport, SMARTSET provides examples of good practice that can support cities, regions and countries to contribute to the European Union „20-20-20“ targets for reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and improvement in energy-efficiency.

SMARTSET targetsReduction by 2016Reduction by 2020
Reduction of CO2 emissions in tonnes9,051 tonnes per year23,418 tonnes per year
Reduction of energy consumption in tonnes3,104 tonnes per year8,056 tonnes per year
Reduction of energy consumption in GWh36 GWh per year94 GWh per year

SMARTSET was a project, co-funded by the Intelligent Energy - Europe programme of the European Union and was composed of 14 partners, coming from Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom.