Åldermansgatan 13
227 64 Lund

Trivector was founded in 1987 by researchers from Lund University and offers consulting services, research and development in the field of traffic and transport planning. Trivector aims to contribute towards an efficient, inclusive, safe and sustainable transport system. Through our involvement in many renowned and innovative research projects, we are the experts in the fields of transport policy, planning, economics, sustainability. Trivector develops solutions, tools, guidelines and provides consultancy support for national, regional and local governments and the other stakeholders, in Sweden and across Europe.

Within SMARTSET Trivector was responsible for monitoring and evaluating the effects of the different UFT schemes and the business plans developed in the cities. Trivector measured both the local and global effects and undertook the process evaluation of the whole project. Furthermore Trivector had a supportive role in the project management and the networking and exchange of knowledge.

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