The Swedish Transport Administration
Rödavägen 1
781 89 Borlänge

Trafikverket is a government agency responsible for planning of the Swedish infrastructure system – roads, railways, sea and air. The main task is to develop a transport mode comprehensive and integrated efficient and sustainable transport system. Trafikverket is responsible for development and maintenance of road- and railway infrastructure. The agency has a planning responsibility for maritime ports and airports. Trafikverket is also managing rail traffic capacity and traffic control. Trafikverket employs approximately 6500 people and has a turnover of around 4 billion Euros.

Within SMARTSET, Trafikverket supported the City of Sundsvall in the development and implementation of a business case for an intermodal transport solution which supplies the neighbouring shopping center in Birsta and the city center with consolidated deliveries of perishables and durable consumer goods. Trafikverket contributed with its expertise on rail traffic management, terminals and logistics.

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