Interporto Padova Spa

Galleria Spagna, 35
35127 Padova PD

Interporto Padova Spa is a PP company (major Shareholders are local Public Bodies) which manages the freight village of Padua. Interporto Padova has an area of 1 million m2 of owned land, 240,000 of which for the container terminals and 260,000 for the covered warehouses. Every year there are more than 5,000 block trains that link Interporto Padova to the main Italian and north European ports. Besides being a container terminal, Interporto Padova is also a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO), offering the services of its intermodal trains to the transport companies. The logistics division manages all the distribution work for local enterprises, with highly efficient management of the collection, handling, storage and distribution of the goods. Since 2004 Interporto Padova manages Cityporto Padova, the city logistics service of Padua born by an agreement with the local stakeholders and shared by the local transport companies with the aim to provide an efficient service to cover the “last mile” into the city by means of 11 eco-friendly vehicles (LNG powered). Cityporto is nowadays considered as one of the best at European level in this field.

Within SMARTSET Interporto Padova had the role of site leader, being one of the location where the city logistics service has been running already since 2004 and which therefore can represent a best practices. Further is a site where to test the improvement of the service by means of an enlargement of the range of goods delivered taking into consideration also the time-sensible goods, such as perishable and express parcels.

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