Gruppo CLAS

Via Serviliano Lattuada, 20
20135 Milano MI

Gruppo CLAS is an independent group of scientific consultants, successful in participating as main contractor in numerous projects on the national and international level, in the fields of transport economics, professional and organisational development, methodologies for EU statistics, information technology, systems for economic analysis, distribution of statistical information and regional and geographical economics. Gruppo CLAS’ research covers most economic aspects of the transport services (air, rail, sea, intermodal) and transport infrastructures including economic and financial analysis of motorways, railway lines, intermodal nodes, cost/benefit and multi-criteria analysis, evaluation of the economic impact of large infrastructures, regional integration, regional planning in the airport sector. For multidisciplinary studies, Gruppo CLAS co-operates with other research institutes, universities and consultancy firms. Besides SMARTSET, Gruppo CLAS is currently active in SMARTFUSION, an EU-funded project on city logistics started in April 2012, and has been participating in past appraisals of city logistics projects on behalf of public bodies and private operators

Within SMARTSET Gruppo CLAS was responsible for the elaboration of market-driven business models for urban freight terminal schemes and consolidated delivery solutions for eight cities participating in the project. This task included the definition of a methodology as well as support and overall coordination of activities in order to define the business models. Moreover, Gruppo CLAS was responsible to elaborate deployment plans for the urban freight schemes that were demonstrated in SMARTSET cities during and after the project. Finally, Gruppo CLAS coordinated the reporting of key findings of the business models developed and tested within SMARTSET.

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