Forschungsgesellschaft Mobilität - Austrian Mobility Research
Schönaugasse 8a
8010 Graz

One of Europe‘s leading companies in the field of mobility research, FGM-AMOR has extensive experience in cooperating with EU research and promotional institutions. Austrian Mobility Research offers state of the art know-how and access to the latest European research results as well as the latest examples in the field of mobility management. Austrian Mobility Research works for sustainable environmental-friendly and people-friendly traffic development. The range of activities includes research, consulting, training, and project implementation in the field of mobility management. Customers of FGM-AMOR profit from the flexible and interdisciplinary teams, offering years of international and national experience.

Within SMARTSET FGM-AMOR was responsible for the dissemination of the contents of the project and coordination of communication towards the projects‘ target groups in the European background. Furthermore FGM-AMOR was responsible for the exchange of (intermediary) results and knowledge through the SMARTSET networks to boost the uptake of energy-efficient city logistics.

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Austrian Mobility Research, FGM-AMOR