City of Sundsvall

Norrmalmsgatan 4
851 85 Sundsvall

Sundsvall is the second-largest city in the north of Sweden after Umeå. The city has a population of 96 thousand inhabitants (2011). The functional region of Sundsvall has a population of 195 thousand. The city of Sundsvall is the most important centre of economy in the mid Swedish region. The Sundsvall region has important pulp, paper and forestry industries. The city is a world leader in R&D connected with forestry and paper. Sundsvall has the biggest port for forestry products. Ljungan and Indalsälven (two major floods) have important hydropower facilities. The region is investing heavily in wind farms and renewable fuels such as ethanol, methanol and biogas. The industries in the region consume large amounts of energy. Sweden’s only aluminum processing plant is located at the entrance of the city. The region has chemical industries several of them are suppliers of products for the pulp and paper mills in the region and the world. Despite is relative minor size, Sundsvall has Sweden’s fourth largest financial center. The shopping area Birsta, 5 km outside Sundsvall city center, is the second largest. After the fire that devastated the entire city in 1888, Sundsvall was rebuilt with stone houses. The inner city of Sundsvall is classified as a national cultural heritage. Sundvall is also working to develop cultural activities such as theater, music and dance.

Within SMARTSET, Sundsvall and Trafikverket developed and implemented - together with freight forwarders and shippers - a business case with an intermodal transport solution which supplies the neighbouring shopping center in Birsta and the city center with consolidated deliveries of perishables and durable consumer goods. Cooperative business models for co-sharing of rail transports and last mile transport with green last mile truck distribution were investigated. Review of terminal operations and administrative procedures at Trafikverket and processes at terminals was also a part of the overall business case.

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