City of Gothenburg

Urban Transport Administration (coordinator)
Box 2403
403 16 Gothenburg

The Gothenburg region is the main logistics hub of Scandinavia and the amount of goods handled by the Port of Gothenburg is foreseen to be tripled within the next few decades. Gothenburg is the second largest city of Sweden, with 500 000 inhabitants, situated by the sea (Kattegatt) on the west coast of Sweden. The Urban Transport Administration agency develops and offers safe, efficient and sustainable mobility for all needs in the city – public transport, biking, walking, driving and parking – and is responsible for the infrastructur (road, tracks). In line with the City of Gothenburgs internationally oriented apporach, the urban transport administration participates in several EU-funded collaboration projects and is part of networks such as EUROCITIES, IMPACTS.

In SMARTSET the City of Gothenburg’s objective was to develop large scale freight schemes which include a new approach to urban freight distribution.

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