City of Forlì

Comune di Forlì
Piazza Saffi, 8
47121 Forlì FC

Forlì is located in the Emilia-Romagna Region, in the north east part of Italy, within the valley of the Po River. The city has 120,000 inhabitants and lays on an area of 228 km2. The Municipality of Forlì takes care of the interests of the local community promoting policies of environment qualification and sustainability. It is therefore since a long time committed to the topic of sustainable energy including the promotion of sustainable transport and mobility. In order to improve a sustainable urban and territorial transport and mobility the Municipality operates through a dedicated in-house team of experts (Forlì Mobilità Integrata) and internal staff. Forlì has signed the Covenant of Mayors in 2010 committing to reducing its CO2 emissions of 25% by 2020.  The Municipality Sustainable Energy Action Plan, which has been approved by the City Council in December 2011, includes key actions in the field of  sustainable mobility.

Within SMARTSET, the Municipality of Forlì was partner of the project and an application site. The Municipality of Forlì developed a sustainable and shared business plan to improve freight delivery locally through the work of a local freight committee, the expertise of Forlì Mobilità Integrata and the lessons learnt from the experience of previous and existing schemes.

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