Here you find all the information on the SMARTSET actions that have been posted during the project time. You are very welcome to scan through the archive and follow the development of the project and each partner’s actions!

SMARTSET e-update06

The SMARTSET e-update is an essential read for all those with an interest in sustainable and energy-efficient urban freight transport. The final edition of the e-update throws a spotlight on the SMARTSET outcomes.


This final report on communication and dissemination describes the communication and dissemination activities carried out by the SMARTSET project during the whole project period.

SMARTSET partners

From May 2013 eight SMARTSET application sites have worked for one goal: To promote the need for more efficient solutions that lead to fewer transport kilometres and more sustainable economic models.


For High Capacity Transports the standards in Sweden are above 60 tons and/or 25.25 meters. The case for HCT-transports to Sundsvall involves a demonstration with one of the largest grocery store chains in Sweden, COOP.


This assessment measures a set of detailed parameters which have been developed on the basis of the report "Development of common assessment parameters and methodology for test of clean vehicles", which can be downloaded

Picture showing a test run with the Bombardier TRAXX last mile loco outside Oslo in spring 2015.

One of the work streams of Sundsvall in SMARTSET was to investigate a business case and to demonstrate a rail freight transport using so called last mile locomotives.


As part of the COEFFICIENT Project workshop,Tom Zunder of Newcastle University, gave a presentation of NewRail's work in the SMARTSET Project, at the International Conference on Science and Transport, organised in conjunction with Open ENLoCC (European Network of Logistics Competence Centres), of


More and more people want to live centrally, while interest in the quality of life is increasing. When it comes to the development of a green city environment, Gothenburg is at the cutting edge.


It’s a simple idea. The Swedish city’s Stadsleveransen system pools deliveries for 500 shops and businesses – drastically reducing shopping centre traffic and freeing up once-congested streets for pedestrians and cyclists.


In November 2014 a new, ingenious way of delivering sea food from the fish quay to  the fish merchants of  Feskekôrka (the Fish Church) started. Feskekörka is a meeting point for everyone who appreciates the widest range of fresh fish and shellfish in Sweden.