Two monitoring reports (M18, M28) for the city of Graz is now available!

The objective of WP4 - Clean vehicles in Transport is to facilitate the introduction of cleaner vehicles for last mile distribution and the use of intermodal transports. By distributing with e.g. small electric vehicles, local environment will be drastically improved in terms of greenhouse gas and particle emissions, road safety and congestion. We are interested in any cleaner alternative to diesel and petrol powered vehicles – apart from electric vehicles it includes hybrids, cargo bikes and other forms of modal shift.

This report is a special document which combines the two reports delivered to the city of Graz in months 18 and 28 of SMARTSET (October 2014 and August 2015). Therefore it contains no results of new research but a collection of data from and status updates of all WP4 sites.

Maciej R.Tumasz