SMARTSET welcomes you!

SMARTSET is still young and you are very welcomed to accompany us through the whole project-duration from May 2013 until April 2016! With SMARTSET we try to develop and shows how freight transport in European cities and regions can be made more energy-efficient and sustainable by a better use of freight terminals.

Transport of goods, both on long distances and within cities contributes to a substantial part of the total emissions generated from the transport sector, as well as congestion. Up to 20% of traffic, 30% of street occupation and 50% of greenhouse-gas emissions are generated by freight. To reach the overall goal of a more energy-efficient and sustainable urban freight transport, SMARTSET provides examples of good practice that can support cities, regions and countries to contribute to the European Union „20-20-20" targets for reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and improvement in energy-efficiency.

SMARTSET is structured around three core aspects for creating successful and attractive terminals:

  • Market based business models are a crucial part of the development in energy efficient distribution solutions,

  • Incentives and regulations are needed and necessary to steer towards an energy efficient urban freight transport, and

  • In order to make city centres more attractive, the introduction of clean vehicles for last mile distribution and the use of intermodal transports is facilitated as well.

Fred DOTTER | Austrian Mobility Research, FGM-AMOR