SMARTSET report 'Guidelines on how to increase the existing potential of e-mobility in urban logistics' is now available!

The objective of this WP is to facilitate the introduction of cleaner vehicles for last mile distribution and the use of intermodal transports. By distributing with e.g. small electric vehicles, the local environment will be drastically improved, in terms of greenhouse gas and particle emissions, road safety and congestion. We are interested in any cleaner alternative to diesel and petrol powered vehicles – apart from electric vehicles, this includes hybrids, cargo bikes and other forms of modal shift. Investment in the vehicles is NOT included in this project.

Deliverable D4.3 gathers conclusions from the cleaner vehicle tests which took place in different conditions across a number of SMARTSET locations in Europe, in order to propose a set of guidelines on how to increase the proliferation of cleaner vehicle solutions in freight transport and logistics. The initial assessment showed there is no “onesize fits all” solution, so the guidelines may not be applicable in every set of circumstances. We are offering a set of key

factors divided into two groups: enabling factors and main obstacles, with proposed solutions to overcome them, according to practitioners.

Maciej R.Tumasz