SMARTSET’s report on regulations and incentives to support market driven business models now available!

The main aim of this report is to provide an updated description on the implementation of incentives and an analysis of the current situation in terms of regulatory framework, both in terms of urban freight plan implementation as well as of regulation, carried out in each project sites. The characteristics of the cities and terminal schemes differ in the project SMARTSET and the implementation of regulations/incentives reflect these differences as shown in the Chapter 5.

The analysis for each city highlights the attention put by local administration for the freight distribution in the city centre, through different measures, as the introduction of rules and restrictions in the LTZ and in general in the urban centre, with clean vehicles in established time windows.

When successful incentives are identified, the following step is a plan for how to make the implementation of impacts happen in the long term. Together with the outcomes in WP2 and WP4, this should result in an activity plan for cities on how to impact the development in the long run, with the use of the outputs in this project. Outcome of this process is reported in the chapter 6, where the common point for almost the cities involved is the master plan of the traffic, or an action plan of the city, which contains guidelines for the distribution of goods, with particular attention on the enviromental aspect. The chapter will describe the objectives and the implementation of the plan for the future scenario.

The last chapter 7 “Conclusions and achievements”, try to reach an initial synergy report bringing together the similarities and highlighting the differences between the results and experiences of each of the partner cities. It also investigates how to bridge the knowledge within their own areas, through the close examination of the different incentives and action plans, to achieve the specific objectives in every city involved.

Fabio NUSSIO, Rome Mobility Agency