Small scale demonstrations: key findings and conclusion across all sites, scope for replication and demonstration scaling up. Report available!

The report has the aim to present the city logistics initiatives in the SMARTSET application sites, focusing on their outcomes.

In the general framework of Smartset, this deliverable accounts for the findings of the application of tests and small scale demonstrations in terms of their replicability and scalability within the corresponding contexts. Deliverable 2.4 instead examines the success (or lack thereof) of the business models applied in such initiatives, while classifying them into a comprehensive model for describing in general the UFT-based city logistics initiatives and analysing their critical factors.

It is to be highlighted that this deliverable is elaborated and finalised at a time during the SMARTSET project when not all applications have already been completed or even implemented; in such cases, the conclusions concern the activities done so far; furthermore, as per original plan, three application sites were not expected to implement actual demonstrations but to draw up. Therefore, only a small part of the analysis involves completed demonstrations (namely, those in the so called “leader sites”).

The approach of this analysis draws from the WP2 activities aimed at defining the action plans for the application sites; therefore it has entailed the monitoring of initiatives against the key activities and milestones envisaged by the action plans themselves (cfr. Deliverable 2.3).

The report therefore illustrates the outcomes of such activities with one chapter dedicated to each site; and it is concluded with a horizontal review of the findings across all sites.


Giuseppe Siciliano