Report on strategies, action plan and key finding across all sites is now available!

The report D3.3 is the result of the tasks 3.4 of SMARTSET WP 3.

This WP aims to improve the possibility to make the business cases, according to experiences carried out during the project, profitable and/or marked based. Whereas the business cases are developed in collaboration with customers and stakeholders, development and alteration of regulatory schemes is something that is vested in public authorities. The outcomes of WP 3 is however explicitly something that will benefit the business models of WP 2.The implementation of incentives is an important part of developing new business models for energy efficient freight.

The objective of this Deliverable 3.3 try to analyse key findings of this work package in order to form a synergy report bringing together the similarities and highlighting the differences between the results and experiences of each of the partner cities in investigating how to bridge the knowledge, capacity and market barriers within their own regions in order through incentives and regulations.

A SWOT analysis in each site is carried in this deliverable, highlighting strength, weak, opportunity and threat points regarding the tested solutions during the project for the freight distribution in urban centres, where each site set an action plan of the city, containing guidelines for the future scenario, with particular attention on the enviromental aspect.

The last chapter “Lessons learnt and Conclusions” represents a synthesis of the previous chapters on the base of the analysis and experiences carried out by each partners, considering the main aspects arising from the SWOT analysis, in terms of the different regulations and incentives for freight vehicle renewal.

The scope is bridging knowledge, capacity and market barriers across sites in order to provide guidelines for any site of the project and to support European discussion on freight distribution in urban areas.

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