Report on the market driven business model developed in SMARTSET is now available!

The report has the aim to analyse the main initiatives in SMARTSET in order to achieve a classification of business models applied in SMARTSET focusing on the interests of involved stakeholders. The final objective is to define a common approach to the definition of a market driven business model. Chapter 4 presents a description of the business models of city logistics schemes in the leader cities. Chapter 5 will merge the findings coming from leader sites in a model for defining the common “SMARTSET” business model and its possible declinations along a common rationale. Chapter 6 derives conclusive remarks aiming to turn the findings of SMARTSET into a set of principles, valid for UFT-based city logistics initiatives, aimed at shaping them on the basis of a market driven business model, with the intention to steer the provision of the distribution service successfully towards full self-sustainability.

Giuseppe Siciliano