Maiden voyage of the largest street legal electric truck

The KV-E-Chain truck at the Berlin-Westhafen terminal

Intermodal rail transport is already considered one of the most environmentally friendly forms of transport. However, due to the lack of area coverage by rail systems, intermodal transport chains still rely on mostly diesel powered trucks, for last mile transport. KV-E-Chain wants to change that now. KV-E-Chain is a joint project of the Technical University of Wildau as lead partner, the BEHALA, as the operator of the intermodal terminal in Westhafen, DHL, as a major supply chain manager and the Berlin Energy Agency, as an operator of a solar power plant at the Berlin Westhafen Terminal.

KV-E-Chain will demonstrate a fully electrified intermodal supply chain. The solar plant will - at least partly - deliver energy for the trucks operation.

Project goals comprise of data-acquisition about the operations of heavy electric trucks, the development of new operational models and strategies and the development of new business models for fully electrified supply chains

The Terberg YT202-EV was originally designed as a terminal tractor. Within the KV-E-Chain-project the vehicle was modified, so that it could be registers as a street legal vehicle. This enables the research on day-to-day-operations of heavy electric trucks of a gross mass of 40 t and more, for the first time.

KV-E-Chain is part of the Berlin-Brandenburg showcase on electric mobility, a joint effort by the states of Berlin, Brandenburg and the German federal government.

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Philip Michalk