Deployment plan for all local sites - report now available!

“What is to be done?” Quoting Vladimir Lenin’s pamphlet, in which the need for a revolution was stated, the SMARTSET project partners have asked themselves about the future of their city logistics initiatives. The answer seems to be at this stage of development a substantial upscaling of the current activities, through the deployment of the relevant outcomes achieved within the project time frame and perimeter.

The present Deliverable, starting from the outcomes achieved by SMARTSET application sites, aims at presenting the deployment approaches for the future which have been drafted during the implementation of the key activities.

The results of this last phase of the WP2 analysis represents the basis on which a durable development strategy based on SMARTSET experience is being developed and daily carried on by partners responsible for the test site applications, in order to implement effective city logistics approach within the interested territories and beyond.

The approach of this analysis draws from the WP2 activities aimed at defining the deployment strategic approach for each site, considering the specific activities carried on, the maturity of the city logistics debate and operations at local level, and differences in resources and policy mandate.

The report highlights in particular the deployment approach developed, as well as the main elements representing local deployment strategies and plans.

Giuseppe Siciliano