City logistics is not boring! SMARTSET international conference in Graz a big success!

SMARTSET Conference Graz

On 12 May 2015, more than 60 participants from 9 European countries shared experiences and requirements for sustainable logistics in urban areas within the framework of the EU project SMARTSET in Graz, Austria.

The demand for urban freight transport has increased due to the concentration of the population in urban areas and as the majority of the industrial production is delivered there. Cities and regions must also deal with an increasing specialization of the urban and economic system, with a global division of production and its associated freight. Transport of goods, both over long distances and within cities, contributes a substantial part of the total emissions generated from the transport sector, as well as congestion. In urban areas up to 20 % of traffic, 30 % of street occupation and 50 % of greenhouse-gas emissions are generated by freight. A lot of transport operations start or finish in an urban area. More than 50 % of freight tonnes transported by road in Europe are carried for a distance of less than 50 kilometres.

For these reasons, the conference was titled "City logistics - What tools does a city need to reach CO2 free city logistics?" and lit diverse aspects on the subject. From policy of the European Commission, to the political reality and the point of view of the municipal administration. From the use of electro-mobility and cleaner vehicles for urban logistics, to how to create business models. From urban implementation examples from Graz, Padua and Gothenburg, to practical examples from the business sector, such as the Federal Austrian Post and the Osiander'sche bookshop in Tübingen.

The answer to the question, what tools are needed for a zero-emission urban logistics can be summarized as follows: Political will, coupled with a vision for a liveable city and the involvement of residents, industry and transport companies.

Please find herewith the final programme, as well as all presentations given during the conference and a selection of photos.

City logistics - What tools does a city need to reach CO2-free city logistics? | Programme
Download programme here

European Policy Framework on Sustainable Urban Logistics |
Fred DOTTER, Austrian Mobility Research, FGM-AMOR | Download presentation here

Introduction on SMARTSET-project |
Michelle COLDREY, City of Gothenburg | Download presentation here

Introduction to the CIVITAS Initiative |
Elke BOSSAERT, Mobiel21 | Download presentation here

Keynote speech: Sustainable urban logistic and the role of politics |
Gisela NACKEN, City of Aachen | Download presentation here

Efficient Urban Freight Transport and Urban Development: A public authority’s view on regulatory instruments and incentives |
Dr Julius MENGE, City of Berlin | Download presentation here

Business plans and strategic approaches for CO2-free City Logistics |
Gabriele GREA, Gruppo CLAS | Download presentation here

Urban freight terminals: Big scale B2B solutions and planning software in Padova |
Giuseppe SICILIANO, Gruppo CLAS | Download presentation here

Urban freight terminals: Medium scale B2B solutions and establishing stakeholder cooperation in Gothenburg |
Anette THORÉN, City of Gothenburg | Download presentation here

Small scale B2C solutions in Graz |
Gerhard ABLASSER, City of Graz | Download presentation here

e-Vehicles: An overview of European initiatives involving electric and clean vehicles for freight transport |
Maciej TUMASZ, Newcastle University | Download presentation here

Lessons learned - 900 EV´s support Austrian Post´s CO2-neutral delivery |
Alexander CASAPICCOLA, Federal Austrian Post | Download presentation here

© Photos: Austrian Mobility Research, FGM-AMOR, Graz |
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