Relationships and connections with SMARTSET

By creating a project that linked several members of the European Union, SMARTSET made it possible to address a wide variety of different situations, and to tackle the barriers of a more energy-efficient and sustainable urban freight transport, in a way that would not be possible within one country alone. Promoting energy-efficient urban freight transport at European level, through SMARTSET, had a remarkable advantage as it widened the perspective beyond national borders and was much more effective in achieving critical mass in contrast to what can be achieved in scattered local, regional or national projects. The results of SMARTSET can be used to work with decision makers, transport suppliers, hauliers, shop keepers and goods receivers.

Interested stakeholders from all over Europe were invited to build relationships and connect with SMARTSET by joining the SMARTSET network to participate in the discussion and share their point of view with others. Stakeholders were invited to participate, disagree and learn with colleagues from the whole of Europe to:

  • contribute to a significant breakthrough in the uptake of urban logistic solutions and related policy development by activating and enabling relevant actors,
  • focus on the overarching benefits induced by sustainable and energy-efficient urban freight transport,
  • interact with the business community and other institutions, and
  • attract interest on sustainable and energy-efficient urban freight transport.

SMARTSET was working on three different levels of networks …

Local Networks
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National Networks
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International Network
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For any questions to the SMARTSET network, we kindly invite you to contact us.