City of Gothenburg



More and more people want to live centrally, while interest in the quality of life is increasing. When it comes to the development of a green city environment, Gothenburg is at the cutting edge.


It’s a simple idea. The Swedish city’s Stadsleveransen system pools deliveries for 500 shops and businesses – drastically reducing shopping centre traffic and freeing up once-congested streets for pedestrians and cyclists.


In November 2014 a new, ingenious way of delivering sea food from the fish quay to  the fish merchants of  Feskekôrka (the Fish Church) started. Feskekörka is a meeting point for everyone who appreciates the widest range of fresh fish and shellfish in Sweden.

Magnus JÄDERBERG, City of Gothenburg

Gothenburg municipality has received the "Logistics Municipality of the Year" award for 2015. The presentation was made at Logistik & Transport, the trade fair held at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg.

From a meeting of the urban freight network, with the Director of Transport in attendance

For the last eight years Gothenburg has had an urban freight network, one of the few in Europe. It is made up of representatives from the public and private sectors, and from the fields of education and research. Together they are working to develop logistics solutions for the city.


City Delivery was started in autumn 2012 as part of efforts to reduce the number of delivery vehicles in Gothenburg’s city centre.


The Gothenburg region is the main logistics hub of Scandinavia and the amount of goods handled by the Port of Gothenburg is foreseen to be tripled within the next few decades.